About Me

 My name is Melissa. I'm married to a wonderful man named Abe and have 3 great kids- my stepson Jimi, my son, Adam and our newest addition, our little girl, Ava. I'm a cloth-diapering, coffee-addicted, tomato-growing kind of girl.

I love to cook, especially for my family. I needed a place to store my favorites and a way to share them with my friends and family.

I have 4 tasters to guide me: my husband, Abe, who is my main meal tester; our 12 year old, Jimi, who gives his "kid's stamp of approval", our 2 year old, Adam, who lets me know what he likes and our littlest taster, Ava, who will soon be testing my baby recipes. 

Some recipes will be crock pot, some vegetarian, and way too many will be with chicken thighs. All will be delicious!

Hope you come away with a new tasty treat! If you do, please make sure to come back and let me know. If you like the blog, make sure to sign up as a follower.